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    So, ordered a new 5110 display for almost nothing in cost. The display PCB was substantially thicker than the stock display PCB that came with the KIT1. The display also appeared to be higher quality and slightly bigger and incorporated gold plated spring contacts unlike the conducting rubber strip of the stock one. The newly installed display would have have been perfect except that it slightly interfered with the 3D printed case. A bit of filing would have remedied that, yet decided to fix the original display to use for now.

    The problem with the stock display is the thinness of the PCB and the pressure exerted upon it from the conducting strip causing the PCB to flex, thus compromising the contact between them. I separated the display, straightened the PCB, epoxied a solid thin bar of steel on the underside of the PCB, re-soldered the header pins and remounted the display. The PCB no longer bows as it once did. Oddly, the display contrast is very high now where there is a faint dark background. Is there some control for the contrast or a resistor value that can be altered?

    It would be nice if the KIT1’s would incorporate a thicker display PCB with the spring contacts or soldered ribbon cable. Eventually, will get around to installing the the new Display/PCB unit when I have time to mod the case.

    Here is the link to the displays purchased on eBay. I purchased an extra discreet white display without the PCB and that was similar to the stock with rubber strip. The complete unit with white LED’s has a slightly larger display, thicker PCB and spring contacts. The blue LED complete unit has a soldered ribbon cable connecting the PCB to the display! Unfortunately, only a single header pin strip is provided per complete unit.
    Nokia 5110 on eBay

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