While keeping pace with the ever-evolving tech progress we also fulfil our mission of building World’s biggest environmental monitoring network. This pushes us to shape our innovative potential into constantly developing more versatile hardware designs. We are proud to reiterate that in all that we do, we listen to our community. One frequent requirement was a simple thing but with a huge practical impact: the uRADMonitor® devices should have the sensors as an add-on module, separated from the motherboard that handles power and IOT communication management.

This concept has many advantages. Here are the most important:

  • with the motherboard being practically capable of running indefinitely , the only time limiting factor are the sensors. Although robust, the sensing elements can eventually be damaged, they can expire or may need some maintenance. A modular design allows quick replacements including in field conditions, reducing the down times.
  • cost reduction , because maintenance time is reduced.
  • robust design, where any hardware problem can be debugged easier.

Meet our new uRADMonitor A4

Model A4 comes in a rainproof white Stevenson shield to sense the air while protecting the internals

uRADMonitor® A4 is a fixed, automatic monitoring station that tracks 11 important environmental parameters, mainly various toxic gases that can impact human health. It comes in a rugged ASA/RESIN plastic housing with brackets for easy wall or pole mounting.

Automated monitoring provides more options over using handheld units occasionally. Mapping trends becomes possible thanks to continuous surveillance and a permanent data flux. We have a higher detection capability for small variations and can trigger automated alarms if predefined thresholds are reached, improving reaction time while lowering costs. 

The uRADMonitor® network is a global array of interconnected monitoring stations, focused on continuous Environmental Surveillance. Its purpose is to generate fully transparent open data, used to assert the quality of our environment.

The device comes with built in WIFI connectivity and will automatically transmit data as soon as it is powered up and configured. With low power consumption, this device can be deployed for a wide variety of field applications. Its versatility is combined with convenient data access via an API interface to access measurements directly from the uRADMonitor® cloud. 


The uRADMonitor® Model A4 is a complex multi-parameter sensor. It uses a MEMs sensor to measure air temperature and humidity. Another MEMs sensor measures Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).  A high quality laser scattering sensor is used to detect the Particulate Matter PM1 / PM2.5 and PM10 mass concentration in air. There are three electrochemical sensors, one for formaldehyde, another one for Ozone and one for Carbon Monoxide. A non-dispersive infrared sensor measures the Carbon Dioxide. A MOX VOC sensor measures the volatile organic compounds. Everything is encapsulated under a high quality Stevenson Shield ready for outdoor use:

MEMSTemperature-20 °C+65 °C0.5 °C± 0.5°C

Humidity0% RH100% RH1% RH± 3%
MEMSNitrogen Dioxide0.1 PPM10 PPM10 ppb0.05 PPM
Laser scatteringPM10 μg/m³1000 μg/m³1 μg/m3± 15%

PM2.50 μg/m³1000 μg/m³1 μg/m3

PM100 μg/m³1000 μg/m³1 μg/m3
ElectrochemicalFormaldehyde0 ppm5 ppm10 ppb± 5%
ElectrochemicalOzone0 ppm10 ppm10 ppb± 5%
ElectrochemicalCarbon Monoxide0 ppm500ppm100 ppb± 10%
NDIRCarbon Dioxide400 ppm5000 ppm1 ppm± 5%
MOXVOC Air Quality Score03

Multiparameter uRADMonitor sensors

The model A4 is a uRADMonitor multi-parameter sensor. This means that a single unit will map a large number of environmental parameters, offering a complex description of the chemical and physical factors impacting #airquality at the installation site.

Model A4 vs Model A3 comparison. The Model A3 is another excellent air quality monitoring option

The A4 is a cutting-edge device that offers comprehensive insight into your environment by simultaneously measuring various critical parameters. With precision monitoring, cost efficiency, seamless integration with existing home automation systems, and real-time notifications, this sensor provides a good solution for efficient and proactive environmental monitoring. Upgrade to a single unit that does it all – experience the next level of air quality monitoring! The Model A4 is available on our online shop or via our distributors.