uRADMonitor was recently selected in the RICAP Academy program that aims to push Romanian Innovation further. Magnasci, the Romanian company behind it, while being still a newcomer on the technology and innovation market, manages production and worldwide recognition in record time with this successful first product. The mission focuses on developing technology to better our lives, unleashing the potential of new hardware/software hybrid applications.
uRADMonitor is a global environmental monitoring network, consisting of several hardware devices capable of measuring various chemical and physical air pollutants, with Internet connectivity to share all data to the central server on www.uradmonitor.com . The frontend (web and mobile apps) show data from all places on Earth. By doing so we understand better the pollution factors and what we can do to limit it, to get cleaner environment and better life quality. The infrastructure is a verified , big data platform, that allows connecting new sensors to track more parameters for example for water or soil to complement the existing solution.
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