The “CITY” is our professional range Air Quality Monitor, released in 2020. It is equipped with the best: 1PPB resolution sensors for 4 gases built in (Ozone, Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide), plenty of connectivity options for data upload including Ethernet, WIFI, GSM/GPRS, LoRaWAN (EU868, US915, IL915, AU915, AS923, IN865, etc), NB-IOT, LTE-M and an industrial range Particulate Matter sensor (PM1, PM2.5 and PM10). The data is automatically handled so the entire setup becomes plug and play. Install your “CITY” unit and conveniently access the data right away, via the uRADMonitor API.

uRADMonitor CITY (left) vs uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL (right)

Model “CITY” is very similar to the previous uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL released in 2017. It comes, however, with some important differences:

Gas Resolution1 PPB100 PPB, 1 PPM for CO
Gas Interval2 PPM10 PPM, 1000 PPM for CO
Size and Weight220x130x95mm, 0.9kg150x60x30mm, 0.25kg

The 1PPB capability of the gas sensors means the “uRADMonitor CITY” is suitable for monitoring the ambient air. The sensitivity of the device allows identifying and tracking even the slightest pollution variations. On the other hand, the uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL measures higher gas concentrations like those produced in production facilities or in industrial processes. The “model INDUSTRIAL” cannot measure the small gas concentrations found in the ambient air unless the concentration is extremely high.

For example, the current Ozone concentration in Bucharest is 32.89µg/m³, or 16.753PPB. With its 1PPB resolution, the model CITY will correctly measure and follow the small gas variations. The model INDUSTRIAL on the other hand will return 0 unless the concentration is 100PPB (0.1PPM) or higher. 100PPB Ozone concentration in air would be dangerous to plants and human health.

Connectivity options

The model CITY brings new connectivity options to the rich uRADMonitor portfolio. The bigger PCB board leaves room for new connectivity modules, including NB-IOT and LTE-M. The model CITY comes in rainproof outdoor enclosure that coped with the large data transmission options makes it the perfect fit to any Air Quality monitoring requirements.

Data Dashboard example from a CITY unit installed in Brasov Romania

The Data can be accessed in real time, remotely, using the uRADMonitor API. Or, you can download Excel-compatible datasets, in CSV format, directly from your user account in the uRADMonitor Dashboard.

Real time Data export in CSV format using the uRADMonitor Dashboard

Extra Features

Model CITY can be equipped with a GPS receiver, a battery or a SDCARD. This opens new perspectives with mobile measurement when putting such devices on cars to map larger areas with less hardware.

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