Uniform data, uniform rights

What is uRADMonitor?

uRADMonitor is World's first civilian network for automated environmental monitoring. It is intended as an open and fully transparent tool for environmental information.

uRADMonitor network November 2017

The "Uniform data" challenge

The network distribution is not uniform, with a predominant presence in more developed countries. Places with less developed economies are lacking proper regulations and pollution control and have outstanding pollution issues. Pollution is global, it is our common duty to act before it is too late.


We’re launching a new crowdfunding campaign November 22, 2017, dubbed “Uniform data – uniform rights” in an effort of covering those places on Earth where there is no environmental data and people need it most. The plan is to produce and deploy 100 additional uRADMonitor A3 units. These new units will bring valuable new data and will increase local awareness. Read more here.

Help us bring air quality monitoring to locations where people don't afford it and are most affected! Support the uRADMonitor indieGogo campaign