The entire uRADMonitor effort fights to solve pollution at global level. We are grateful for all the community support we received so far: this includes our first successfully funded indieGogo campaign and all the uRADMonitor adopters that helped to create a global uRADMonitor network 800 units in size. Last but not least, visionary people involved in responsible corporations, helped this effort even further.

The project evolved not only in size, but also in number of products developed. The uRADMonitor A3 is probably the best uRADMonitor product developed so far, proving excellent reliability during exploitation. It is packed with an impressive number of sensors and four different connectivity options that make it fit for any environmental monitoring scenario in homes, offices or cities:

Collaborative effort

Apparently things are on an ascending trend, however there’s an issue: The network distribution is not uniform, with a predominant presence in more developed countries. These places have better regulations on environmental protection. Except industry and traffic there’s an (economically) sustained effort to limit dangers to human health. On the other hand, less developed areas are lacking proper regulations and pollution control. The uRADMonitor network is practically inexistent here due reasons unrelated to awareness and will, but rather to costs.


It’s not enough to guard the cities of a few regions of the planet. Pollution is a global phenomenon impacting each and all of us, as air and water know no boundaries. We’re planning to launch a new crowdfunding campaign before the end of this month, dubbed “Uniform data – uniform rights”, in an effort of covering those places on Earth where there is no air quality data and people need it most.

While the campaign details are not yet finalised, it will likely involve double perks, where the backer gets one uRADMonitor A3 unit and sponsors a second unit that is dispatched to the more disadvantaged locations. We plan to set an example on collaborative effort on solving global problems, using the technology and know-how behind the uRADMonitor project. Spread the word, and let’s do it!

IndieGogo campaign is live

Help us bring air quality monitoring to locations where people don’t afford it and are most affected! Support the uRADMonitor indieGogo campaign.