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    Hi everyone,

    I’m using nagios/check_mk to query the API on the sensor data for my device. I have an A3 model. Did anything change recently because, according to the API, it now has PM1 and PM10 sensors?

    If I query the API I get the following list of sensors, but I thought the A3 model only has a PM2.5 sensor, is it a bug in the API/database?

    URL: http://data.uradmonitor.com/api/v1/devices/82000095
    “temperature”: “Temperature”,
    “pressure”: “Pressure”,
    “humidity”: “Humidity”,
    “voc”: “VOC”,
    “co2”: “Carbon Dioxide”,
    “ch2o”: “Formaldehyde”,
    “pm1”: “PM1.0”,
    “pm25”: “PM2.5”,
    “pm10”: “PM10”,
    “noise”: “Noise”,
    “cpm”: “Radiation”,
    “voltage”: “Voltage”,
    “duty”: “Duty cycle”,
    “all”: “All”

    The API also supplies values for those sensors, but they are not available in the Dashboard, only via the Data download page (https://www.uradmonitor.com/dashboard/#data)
    “time”: 1515275599,
    “latitude”: 48.7476,
    “longitude”: 8.9592,
    “altitude”: 429,
    “temperature”: 8.68,
    “pressure”: 96179,
    “humidity”: 64.33,
    “voc”: 201900,
    “co2”: 513,
    “ch2o”: 0.02,
    “pm1”: 11.8413,
    “pm25”: 9,
    “pm10”: 7.9641,
    “noise”: 34,
    “cpm”: 22,
    “voltage”: 382,
    “duty”: 195

    Kind regards



    The PM2.5 data is originally generated by the A3, which is then used to extrapolate the PM1.0 / PM10.0 via a linear model, which you probably saw already due to the common chart shapes. There’s a lot of literature covering this topic, and more transformation models. So we might see changes to these calculations in the future.


    Thanks for the explanation.

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