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    Since I bought a new product from the Uradmonitor, a Smoggie, I have been using the interface on the website. There’s some stuff that doesn’t work properly or consistently:

    * There is a nice page with all the readings in decently looking graphs, but these are not locked, you can wipe away the graph lines. This is especially cumbersome on mobile. On Chrome mobile the page is not adapted to the full width of the page, requiring you to zoom out, again risking touching the graphs.
    Same goes for the main map, on mobile it is very easy to get stuck with scrolling the map instead of the page. Some other webpages fixed this by requiring the user to scroll the map with two fingers so that single finger swipes are ignored by the map

    * The different time scales sometimes don’t work properly. It’s hard to reproduce but sometimes you select a timescale and nothing happens or you have to refresh the page.
    * Day/week/month/etc shortcuts on the graph should also be nice.

    * One feature I also would like to see is to drop data from a certain period. I got a 650 ug/m^3 PM10 spike due to work on my balcony. I don’t consider this valid data because it was of a very temporary and extreme nature and does not reflect the general air quality in my neighborhood.

    * Also, exact locations of units should not be public information but for example a location that is a 50×50 or 100×100 meter grid. Everyone I send the link to my sensors is basically getting my home address. A field for notes such as a contact e-mail or station description would be nice though



    Excellent feedback, thank you! I will see to have as many of these in place.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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