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    As soon as I checked out the github repo and started looking at how to build the firmware and hopefully add a couple of features I have in mind, I noticed that there are missing blocks of code in uRADMonitor.cpp (the main() function): a comment “6.Init ETHERNET” has nothing underneath, there is an empty block if (netOn) { }, etc. And so when I build the code myself, its size is closer to that of uradmonitor-kit1-local.hex than to uradmonitor-kit1-eth.hex. It’s difficult to exactly reproduce the firmware anyway, because there is no Makefile – apparently you used an Eclipse plugin on Windows to do the build, and its XML config file hides some of the details. So I can write a Makefile, but I have to guess all the compilation flags.

    I get the impression you are worried that someone might maliciously upload incorrect data to the monitoring network, or something like that. It would be OK to require some kind of unique-per-user key to validate oneself to your web site, such that anyone can request the key, add some hex string to a header file, rebuild, and be back online. Every other aspect of the firmware should be open-source, though.

    But I don’t think it’s acceptable to have a supposedly open-source project missing all the code for networking, when that is supposed to be one of its core features.

    I see on the forums many ideas for handing the data in various ways: MQTT, uploading to Weather Underground, using rrdtool, and so on. Anyone who has any kind of software or firmware experience can think up another one (I can think of a couple more myself: I’d like to try sending it via some easy encoding over multicast [perhaps JSON], and I’d like to try to come up with a way to publish open-ended data logs on IPFS). Sometimes you reply that you will think about adding a feature that someone requested. But no one person has time for everything. I don’t think that anyone in the community should need to rewrite the code to talk to the ethernet module on the Kit 1, either, just to be able to add features to the firmware without losing networking functionality.

    So please, how soon can we have the rest of the code? I saw in another forum post that it was promised already last year.


    As soon as the security is implemented to something similar to what you have suggested (the key, etc). Currently all efforts go towards finalising the model D hardware.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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