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    Yesterday I recieved my uRADMonitor (https://www.uradmonitor.com/?open=12000012), today I’ve installed it oudside to get the best results possible.

    At first I had trouble to get the unit working at all, the modem-router provided by my ISP was unable to assign an IP-address to the unit. As a test I connected the unit to another router I had laying around, with that one it worked perfectly, instantly showning up on the map.

    Because I needed a second router and extra cables, this was not a perfect solution for the long term, so I had to optimize this. Fortunately I also had yet another wireless router laying around with DD-WRT installed on it. This router, because of the custom firmware, could also act as a reciever. I configured this router to be a client with the WAN on the wireless side, put it in another subnet and enabled it’s DHCP server.

    I got this working perfectly and the unit is now kind of wireless, using the Linksys router as a reciever which communicates via my modem-router with the uRADMonitor server.

    After I got this all working I mounted a plastic case on the outside wall of my roof terrace and put the uRADMonitor inside of that, making sure no green tarnish would get on the unit itself. Really everything on my terrace has a green coating on it and I dont want that nasty stuff on the unit itself. Of course I also made sure the unit was mounted one meter above the floor of my terrace.

    Here are some photo’s of the installation (click for full size image):

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    Looks great, Peter! Congrats on the nice installation.

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