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    Hi all,

    Definitely not the best installation, but perhaps it will give someone an idea or two for theirs.

    Ever since I ordered my uRadMonitor I have been thinking of where I would install it, unfortunately for me the ideal location had no power or network, I put it there anyway. It’s on a north east wall of my house that is an unused side-way and protected form the elements by my eaves, a fence and the house next door, it will see very little if any direct sunlight. I put a bit of aluminium up as a bit of a shield to help protect the monitor from the elements anyway. (I will probably improve the protection in the near future).

    The monitor sat inside on the floor behind a ground level window for a few weeks since it went live and now it is outside. I updated the firmware to v111 and thought I’d better put it in its permanent location.

    Here it is installed:

    uRad installed

    I could have run two cables, a figure 8 speaker wire or something for power, but decided to use one cable and go POE (I should have gone adhoc and used blue & brown for +ve, blue/white & brown/white for negative. Also whoever came up with the standard was mad. For AC flexibles, brown is active analogous to +VE and blue is neutral analogous to -VE, but they ran with the opposite, blue = +VE, brown = -VE) Argh.


    I drilled a 10mm hole and glued a 2.1 jack into the wall plate.

    rear of wall plate

    I have no wired network connection where I wanted the monitor, so I used a Vonets wireless bridge that I already had from a previous project for the network connection. The Vonets Bridge supports a wide range of voltage inputs and has a jack to carry it on, so it was handy for this application.


    My CPM count had risen since moving the monitor outside and the temperature will swing more. I might have to move it back inside 🙂



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