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    I’m happy to announce a new model to the family of uRADMonitor detectors. The A3 continues the radiation monitoring functionality, while adding powerful sensors to map the air quality, a direction started by the more expensive, model D.
    The A3 features a SI29BG (or other small size tube) radiation detector (also used in the 12XXXXXX model A units), a laser scattering Particulate ma sensor, an electrochemical formaldehyde sensor, a NDIR CO2 sensor and the BME680 from Bosch. It is a fixed monitoring unit, and uses a little fan to force the airflow. As so, it can measure a total of 8 parameters, related to the quality of our environment:
    – background radiation
    – PM1.0/2.5/10.0 particulate matter (0 .. 1000ug/m^3)
    – formaldehyde (0..5ppm)
    – CO2 (0..5000ppm)
    – air temperature -40 .. +85C
    – air humidity 0 .. 100% RH
    – air quality / VOC 0..100mg/m^3 reducing gases and 0..10mg/m^3 oxidising gases
    – barometric pressure 300 .. 1100hPa

    The enclosure is anodised rugged aluminium. More information and pictures will be posted soon.

    Brian Levinsen

    Awesome, Looking forward to it, will you run a Crowdfunding for it?
    When do you think it will be available for ordering?


    First 10 prototypes already up and running, with a production queue for 100 more.

    I’m afraid I have too little time to setup a new crowdfunding campaign, even if that would be useful for the project’s direction. We’ll see..

    I’ll post a few pics on this soon, and maybe a dedicated blog post.


    Finally, official news released. See the blog post on the new A3 on https://www.uradmonitor.com/uradmonitor-model-a3/

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    Brian Levinsen

    Cool, Any indication of what the price will be?
    And can I pre-order?


    I will get back to you on this. Preordering: yes. I am also considering setting up a second indiegogo campaign for A3, but first I need to finish the delivery of the model D on the current campaign.

    Brian Levinsen

    Hi Radhoo.

    Is it possible soon to order the A3 yet?


    Hello Eldaria, yes it is. A limited batch of units will be offered to those interested the next few days. Limited because some people preordered their A3 detectors, and will have priority in getting theirs.

    Just as an update, there is a new article presenting the A3 on the blog, see it here: https://www.uradmonitor.com/uradmonitor-model-a3/

    It goes into more detail on what exactly the A3 does, and how it can impact our health.

    Brian Levinsen


    I just sent a request to order one.
    As I mentioned in the message, I have no possibility to run an ethernet connection so would need a WiFi version.
    This is also why my Original model has not been online unfortunately.



    Thanks Brian, I’ll get back to you on that shortly.


    Hello – any updates on pricing and when the unit will e available to order by the public? Very interested in installing one this February or March (will need WiFi version).


    Hello Adam,

    A limited quantity is available already, limited due to a higher order that went the direction of smart cities. Ethernet, Wifi and LoraWAN are all possible.



    Very happy with my A3 running for a while now on my location (unit 82000051 in Kessel-Lo, BE).
    I have a question concerning the y-axis units shown on the graph, more exactly for

    • voc: only “air quality” is indicated here
    • co2: no unit
    • ch2o: no unit

    Radu, can you complete the graphs with the y-axis legend, and/or give some explanation here?


    Hello Maarten,

    Thanks for these observations. I added ppm for co2 and ch2o, this refers to the concentration of these gases in air. Please check the various thresholds and their effects on human health.

    For VOC we have no standard unit, it is more of a score computed out of REDOX chemical reactions on the sensor’s crystal. This will get improved by adding a new adaptive algorithm that analyses few minutes of previous data. Bosch already has this, and we might use their solution directly.

    Thank you,

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