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    How long does it take for a sensor to show on the public map?
    I have it added to my profile & set to not be hidden, also set it to indoors/outdoors and ticked the view indoor checkbox.
    It shows on the sensors own dashboard map at the correct location, just not the public one.

    Stumped 🙂

    Any advice gratefully received.


    What sensor type is it and which ID does it have?



    Its an A3 ethernet variant,

    Currently not online however was online for at least a day & active when I last checked (showing on it’s own private map in the dashboard but not public map).

    ID 82000204



    hi! by default the map shows “outdoor” units, unless you check the “show indoor” option in the left menu. See picture.

    You can configure your unit as indoor or outdoor in the dashboard.

    Also, make sure the coordinates are set and that when you look at the map you select a parameter that your unit measures .


    Hi Radu thanks for this.

    As I originally stated I tried setting the sensor to both indoor and outdoor and checking the show indoor option.
    I also made sure the coordinates were set correctly and had selected a parameter that the unit measures.

    There was a green dot displayed on the “your map” however looking in the same location on the public map nothing was visible.

    I wondered if the sensor has to be online for a certain amount of time before it appears publicly ?
    It is currently not connected and I won’t have access to it for a while to do further tests.




    Sorry for the late answer. If you are referring to 82000204 I see this unit is offline since Oct 29. It will not show up unless you check “show offline units” from left menu.

    Get it back online so I can have another look at it.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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