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    i have a GMC-500+ Radiation Detector. Would it be allowed to upload his CPM / uSiv Data to uradmonitor?
    If yes, iam currently writing a Python Script and i already have the CPM / uSiv in there, so if someone could provide me the right code for the upload (post by requests?) that would be nice.



    Urad antwortet <Response [200]> und {“success”:”ok”}
    Seems to work 🙂


    yes, it works, you can see it here:

    However there are a few issues. You are currently sending:
    1572331297> 13000225:01–[1572331292.39]
    1572331297> 13000225:0B–[21]
    1572331297> 13000225:10–[0x8]
    1572331297> 13000225:0E–[1337]

    01 is the timestamp, its parameter is the number of seconds since the detector started, so it is an integer number, you have some decimals there
    0B is the CPM, value seems legit [21]
    10 is the tube type, now this is not ok, it should be 8, not 0x8, if your tube is the SI3BG . See list here: https://github.com/radhoo/uradmonitor_kit1/blob/master/code/geiger/detectors.h
    I suspect this is a mistake, as you are getting CPMs comparable to a SBM-20 tube.
    0E is the version, “Elite” is nice, but I’d rather see a legit hardware version number there.

    Other parameters to include:
    You can consider the 0F which is the software version, 0A the battery voltage, etc.

    All in one this a top notch job . Congrats!
    Please find a few minutes to do a blog post on it , “GMC reporting to uRADMonitor network” or something like that. This is very useful information. Can you do it?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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