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    Anyone with some insight on these radiation levels which were literally off the charts in Europe during past week?!?
    World News Report Today on 4 December: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIG2jUtW-Qg

    And on the increased levels of PM2.5 too, with a truly bizarre spot with PM2.5 of 1000 μg/m³ in Evora (Portugal)!?! Isn’t that kind of number sort of maximum for PM2.5 and an extreme health hazard?! Moreover, Evora had also PM1.0 of 817 μg/m³ and PM10 of 1000 μg/m³ this morning!!!

    Thank you.
    Warm regards from the Algarve,


    Hi Aida,

    That YT video is bullsh*t. Talking about radiation while displaying air pollution values 🙁
    That 1000µg/m3 unit at Evora is definitely a defective unit, other units at the same spot (!) show low values.
    There are some units in Europe showing high radiation values, but these also seem to be defective.
    Eg. KIT1 unit 13000212 in Italy:
    It shows very fluctuating high voltage values, which leads to wrong counts.

    We really need to have some means to inform these users to keep the map clean. I think most users aren’t even aware that their units are sending bad values.

    , any ideas or plans on that?



    Yup, totally agree! Also a community flagging option (vote based, etc).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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