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    Hy all,
    I’m searching for a way to download the data for my unit.
    I know that the data are available only for the last 2 months, but if I select “last month” from the drop down menu (or using the calendar to hilight the date that I’m interested in) the downloaded file has only one day.
    Maybe I’m doing something wrong?
    I’ve used Chrome, Edge and Firefox with the same result 🙁



    Something has changed- when viewing my account on the map I only have the option of choosing a time interval- not rads or temp.

    *** Oops..my browser window wasn’t large enough and the header was covering the rad and temp data option. Unrelated to the original concern posted above.



    I just tested downloading data for the past month and I opened the file which shows a month of data.



    Hy SaltoUYStation, I’ve found where the problem is!
    If I choose “all” as sensor, the data are only for a single day, if I choose “radiation” the data are complete for the time interval that I want.
    Ok, I’ll download the data for radiation, temperature, voltage and duty cycle then I’ll combine in a single file.
    No big matter, but can I suppose is a bug?
    Tnx a lot to point me in the right direction!



    It is not a bug, the “all” option cannot be used for intervals longer than 24hours. This is the way the code was implemented.



    Tnx a lot, radhoo, I was not aware of it 🙁

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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