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    Has anybody successfully integrated his uRadmonitor into his Domoticz domotica server? It would be really cool to do so, because it would allow the house to respond on uRadmonitor measured data, and to correlate this data with data from for example a weather station.



    That shouldn’t be a problem. You would need:
    1 – Node-Red to grab the data from the API of the local uRadmonitor (OR from the API of Radu himself)
    2 – MQTT broker
    Both components can be install (together with Domoticz) on a RasberryPi

    And then:
    – Add the MQTT Client Gateway with LAN interface in Domoticz (= virtual hardware)
    – Add a few dummy devices in Domoticz
    – Push the data grabbed wit (1) to the MQTT message broker

    For more details and how-to’s go to the Domoticz and Node_red sites.

    Good luck!!



    The proof of the pudding:



    Hi harry,

    Nice work!

    Would you mind to create a blog article how one can set this all up?
    Start here: create new blog


    Edit: corrected link

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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