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    The uRADMonitor data server has a software component called the “compensation layer”. It’s purpose is to compensate / align / calibrate multi-source data so it becomes uniform and comparable regardless of the sensors used to acquire it.

    To exemplify, here are two uradmonitor units, one model A and a model SMOGGIE installed close by in a location in Canada. The former has a Dallas temperature sensor on the inside, enclosed in a tight aluminium enclosure. The other has the Bosch BME280 sensor , a plastic enclosure a a big air opening. The electronics also generate additional heating.

    The compensation layer takes the raw numbers and offers an uniform output. The data you see on the web portal or the one you get via the API is processed and compensated thanks to this software component.

    As you can see the two readings are perfectly aligned 🙂


    Dear Radu:
    1) Can we adjust the compensation, or do we request you to do it? If we do it, how do we compensate?

    2) Do other sensors require calibration? I remember that my homemade weather station barometer sensor required calibration.

    Blair (Canada)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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