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    Aron Kalebic

    I saw two versions of A3. One is A3 and A3.4. Whats are the differences?


    There is only model A : http://uradmonitor.com/products/?sel=1
    and model A3: http://uradmonitor.com/products/?sel=4

    Model A is a gamma radiation monitor, while A3 is an Air Quality Monitor. Which of the two are you interested in? Please check the two links for complete details.

    Aron Kalebic

    Actually interested in both. The labels on image attached confused me…

    Aron Kalebic

    Hello Radu,

    I am little bit confused after I took a sneak peek to provided device ID for sample on dashboard. The sample on dashboard ID82000034 is A3 model but also monitors gamma. So if it so, then I need only A3. Furthermore, Is there possibility to change local webserver port and local IP address? The device should run in non DHCP environment.

    thanks in advance


    The last A3 with Gamma sensor was HW105. Since HW106 it was removed in favour of an ozone sensor making it exclusively for Air quality monitoring.
    See “future directions” on https://www.uradmonitor.com/producing-the-uradmonitor-a3/
    Or the HW108 (current) datasheet: https://www.uradmonitor.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/datasheet_a3_v107_en_comp.pdf

    You can change the LAN IP with your DHCP table, as for the port, I could do that for you – providing a modified firmware version. There’s a promo if you want one now: https://www.uradmonitor.com/products/?sel=4

    Gerald Fritz

    I just found this…Just in time!

    I found your products through Hackaday.io and it says that the A3 has Gamma radiation detection. (Which is what I want.)
    Whew, I almost ordered it by mistake! A very expensive mistake! I’ll look at the model A. The rest, I already have the parts to make.

    Thank you!


    Sorry for the confusion,

    You can also look at the KIT1, that is even lower cost and you can hack it to add more sensors on it.

    Brian Levinsen

    Hmm, to bad you no longer have the A3 with radiation sensor.
    I have the A3 HW104, and I was talking to a friend who also wanted to get one, but we now noticed it was missing the Radiation sensor.
    So you actually no longer have a device that can do everything like the earlier A3 models?
    Well except for the mobile, but that does not make sense for a fixed installation.

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