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    Hi All,

    After chatting to Radu re a dedicated external enclosure I needed and after seeing his design on Facebook I decided to design my own 3D printable version. There are plenty of Solar Radiation Shields available on the market but I have yet to find one that the Industrial Model will fit inside, hence my own design.

    With Radu’s permission I have decided to share the designs with the community. There are two sizes of Solar Radiation Shield, primarily designed to allow the Industrial model to fit inside plus some Louvered vents that can be printed out and used to help vent a basic box type enclosure. These are the first versions and no doubt there will be modified versions to come but for now its a start.

    The two sizes of shields are 120mm and 180mm in Diameter, both have the same internal cut out dimension, it really depends on how wide you want the fins around the edge, in all honesty I designed the larger one first but it wouldn’t fit in my 3D printer :-).

    The vents can be resized as required to make them longer or wider as required.

    Feel free to make any adjustments needed but if you make an improvement please re share with the community. When printing the Solar Shield, print it upside down, no supports are needed. You will need a top and bottom to finish the enclosure, the number of centers you print is up to you and will depend on how long you want the shield. To assemble everything simply get some spacers and threaded rod and connect the whole thing together. In order to provide the best protection from rain I have assembled my first attempt so that the bottom of one shield is roughly level with the top of the one below, this will stop any “sideways” rain getting in and still provide ventilation.

    One thing I am interested in is how the sensor operates in the cold. Its the summer where I am now so can not test but if anyone is in a cold ( snow & ice ) environment I would be keen to know if the sensor runs hot enough to keep frost from damaging any electronics when subjected to extreme environments.

    Let me know how you get on.




    Sorry, looks like the large version didn’t attach. Here is the file.

    1. SRS_Large-v1.zip

    Andrew Burwell

    How does the antenna fit into the solar radiation shield? I just printed both the large and small sizes of this case but will need to modify it in order for the antenna to fit in. I was just wondering what you did, because I see in the picture you posted you have the same sensor I do. Awesome design and thanks for the help!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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