You asked for it once, you did it twice, ok I think this was one of the most requested things related to the entire project. We continuously build hardware gadgets but were a little behind when it comes to data visualisation. It was time to fill this gap, so here is the brand new mobile app to see the uRADMonitor sensors in real time.

The app is work in progress, it already offers a way to save favourite units, next update will bring you the option to enable notifications for them . So this means you mark the units of interest to you, and the app will ping you every time happens on those locations.

This works to keep you away from the bad things out there, but it can also work as an automate fire detector. Based on the many sensors we have and the various things they measure, the possibilities here are endless.

Download the app for Android phones here. The iOS version will follow soon.

This app will be released as #opensource on #github soon, so prepare to contribute if you have the skills. Other than that, some feedback would be very helpful at this point. Tell us what you like, what you don’t like, and we’ll try to keep you happy.

Thank you all for helping us build this global monitoring sensor network!