Having almost 1000 SMOGGIE units deployed, makes this one of the best designs we came up with. It’s likely the max we could do in terms of IOT sensors with the existing technology, by optimising all aspects but with no compromise to data accuracy. This was rewarded last year in Paris, where uRADMonitor took two prizes at AIRLAB Microsensors Challenge 2021:

Sensors where tested for 4 months . SMOGGIE got the “Outdoor Air Awareness Award”

Now, anyone can build a SMOGGIE sensor and join the uRADMonitor Global network, as all the details are #opensource on Github. What we did recently was to improve the enclosure as a new type of Stevenson shield for the SMOGGIE. Meet the new uRADMonitor compact sensor:

The new uRADMonitor SMOGGIE with Stevenson Shield enclosure

The new enclosure ensures better airflow across the sensing elements, while the hidden fixing screws at the bottom keep the design compact. To install one of these, you’ll only need two small M2 screws of about 30mm in length. Use those for wood as they work best. The distance between the holes is 58mm:

How to install the new Smoggie – use the holes at the bottom

The new code on github also opens a few extra goodies:

  • No hardcoded IDs anymore . The devices will use ESP’s unique mac address instead
  • New readings for Particulate Matter, including the number of 0.3 micron, 0.5 micron, 1micron, 2.5 , 5 and 10micron particles! (extra 6 new readings)
  • Better security
  • Soon OTA firmware updates that are now easier to implement.

You can also get one in the uRADMonitor shop and receive it in a couple of days with our express delivery.