National Finalist at CESAWARDS 2018

You could say this is becoming a tradition already, as we’re once again in the spotlight at this year’s Central European Startup Awards. Last year we’ve went as far as National Winner, while in 2015 we were just among the nominees. Magnasci SRL, the company behind uRADMonitor is now “Best IOT Startup”, while its founder, […]


National Winner at CESAWARDS 2017

uRADMonitor is a National Winner and also became a Regional Finalist at the Central European Startup Awards 2017. This surely means some serious progress since the last time we ended up as nominees. uRADMonitor received two Winner titles, one for the Best IoT Startup track as a result of our intense work in this field, […]


Nominated at CESAwards2015

uRADMonitor got into the shortlist of nominees for the Central European Startup Awards 2015, for the Best Cloud/Data application category. The Central European Startup Awards is a unique series of events in the CEE region, launched in 2014 to gather the best of the best from the CEE startup community. This competition covers 10 countries […]