Following the large number of units recently shipped out, several new units went online in various corners of the World:

  • 41000005, in Belt, Montana, US
  • 11000015, in Helsinki, Finland
  • 11000017, in Paris, France
  • 11000018, in La Breille les Pins, France
  • As these new devices reached their destination and were connected to the Internet, all 4 popped up on the map automatically. The uRADMonitor units were designed to be as close as possible to plug and play. The localisation works using the external IP addresses, but in some cases the position on the map is adjusted manually, to better suit the user’s interests (better privacy or better accuracy).

    All the above units show normal readings, except the one in Helsinki, where we probably see another case of naturally occurring higher radioactivity, similar to the situation in Česká Čermná:
    11000015 high readings Helsinki
    This will be investigated and discussed in a separate article, soon.

    At this point it is increasingly difficult to post articles on a single unit only. This, of course, is correlated to the fact that the network is expanding fast, which is good news. For those interested in hosting their own units, see the Join the network section.