uRADMonitor (Model A) is an environmental radiation surveillance device, designed to be mounted outdoors in close proximity to ground level (1 meter above ground). More detailed installation instructions can be found here: Tips for installing the uRADMonitor unit. As the monitors are running continuously, in case of nuclear contamination, the internal sensitive Geiger tube registers the change in radiation levels, and the centralised data represented as charts on www.uradmonitor.com, would show a raising trend:
But when mounting electronic equipment outside, we need to protect it from rain and extreme temperature variations. Rain can be dangerous when water gets through a non-hermetically sealed enclosure because it can damage the electronics inside. For the rugged aluminium case, presented in the previous articles, a solution was to use a plastic bag to cover it as detailed in the installation guide.
To make things simpler, here is a plastic enclosure that is rainproof when the case is mounted in vertical position, with the cables at the bottom:
uradmonitor_rainproof_case_1 uradmonitor_rainproof_case_2
The radiation detector circuit board is safely mounted inside.