A high concentration of CO2 is nothing but re-breathed air that can be a carrier of pathogens. Whether we are talking about schools, hospitals, residences, cinemas, offices… all these are closed spaces where the human presence generates carbon dioxide (CO2). This is a gas that is emitted when we exhale. The high level of CO2 in the air is equivalent to stagnant air and inadequate ventilation for the number of people inside. These things can facilitate the transmission of coronavirus with the air you breathe, from an infected person to people in the same room.

Link between the concentration of CO2 and the concentration of virions in indoor spaces

If there is a large amount of CO2 exhaled in the air, there is also a large number of aerosols. A high concentration of aerosols increases the risk of infection for everyone else in the room. Especially in these times strongly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, this is becoming crucial in offices, schools, shops and other enclosed spaces. When a person infected with coronavirus coughs, speaks or sneezes, a jet of drops and aerosols is generated, which spreads into the room air. In the work “Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 by aerosols”, several researchers showed that in poorly ventilated or unventilated indoor spaces, the probability of aerosol transmission of Covid-19 may increase. Insufficient ventilation can lead to long-distance transmission of the virus in the air and thus increase the number of infections. Another study by TU Berlin found that indoor climate plays a key role in health protection, as pathogens remain in rooms for hours at the typical air exchange rate in residential and office buildings.

INCUBOXX vaccination center Timisoara offers 12 streams with Pfizer / BioNTech but at the same time “hosts” over 700 people daily in the interior

Taking into account these considerations, for extra health safety, we installed URADMonitor sensors to monitor the concentration of CO2 in INCUBOXX, which is the most important #covid vaccination center in Timisoara, with 12 streams that allow the vaccination of 720 people per day with Pfizer BioNTech.

The ultra-low cost SMOGGIE-CO2 sensors have LED light signals and transmit the measured concentration in real time.

The data shows that the INCUBOXX vaccination facility has adequate ventilation and thus the sensors remain green even during peak hours.