If you are reading this I am assuming that you care about your health and the environment. About 6 months ago I wanted to see if I could find opportunities to help the greater good.  Nothing big and lofty but I figured maybe I could use my internet connection to foster public good.   The first thing I did was replace my broken weather station with an internet connect one giving access to specific weather data to anyone that wanted it.  That got me thinking maybe there were other ways I could do the same thing.   I did some research for various environmental sensors and other radio signals that I could host at my sight.   I am not in a perfect location but it is also far from awful.  I eventually decided the most pressing and relevant sensor to me would be an air quality / particle meter. I am in a very rural farming community.   The closest air quality meters for me are 45 miles and 75 miles away ( 72km and 120km).   I started to do some research into the various offerings from companies around the world.   I reached out to some of them with some questions.   I eventually settled on a SMOGGIE-PM by uRADMonitor.    The shipping was quick and any contact I have had with the company has been awesome.   Once I received my SMOGGIE-PM I knew I needed to get to work.   The first thing I did was design a simple pole mount and cover.    I wanted a cover since it was going to be in direct sunlight and I needed a way to mount it.

  This design worked for awhile but I got interested in seeing if I could change the design a little bit.   I am not very well versed in the high end 3D modeling software but I can do a bunch of the simple works using tinkercad.  With that limit I did not want to completely redo the design. I contacted uRADmonitor and they gave me a link to a github of much of there open source information including their enclosures.  I then got looking and realized there were a bunch of overhangs that did not print super great in my first enclosure.   With those two points I decided to redo the enclosure splitting the design into separate layers so there were no overhangs.   I also added a clamp for the back to mount to a 1 inch pole.   

I printed everything in Petg. So it would hold up outside.  My printer was having some issues getting a good print but these are good enough for now. It took me a few times to get a design that I feel would work well. There are a few things I am still not super happy with but time will tell. I wanted to at least provide what I have to show people what is possible.   Each layer should pop together you need two bolts for the clamp to mount to the pole and then two bolts to mount the bottom piece to the back.  

Just a few mistakes and prototypes

You can find my STL files at this Thingiverse Link