Cluj-Napoca emerged as Romania’s Innovation capital, thanks to the high number of universities, students and research programs, but especially due to the initiative of some very responsible people, that understood the need of creating an ascendent trend of development for the entrepreneurial spirit and business opportunities. Part of this positive direction was the Cluj Innovation days, which was held on 31st of March and 1st of April, coagulating business and technical people around the Digital Medicine and Digital Governance topics.
uRADMonitor was invited by Cisco, to demonstrate environmental surveillance over LoRaWAN connectivity. This innovative device was developed in about 1 week and was featured on the Cisco Blog and the Flashnet Blog.

Environmental monitor prototype using LoRaWAN

We got there the day before, to prepare the booth and make sure the hardware is all set up. There were attendees from multiple industries, resulting in interesting discussions, and we even had the chance to talk to the Minister of Communications and for IT Society, Mr. Marius Bostan, who provided some useful ideas on the development of the project.
Orange Innovation Manager Cristian Patachia, Minister of Communications and for IT Society Marius Bostan and uRADMonitor Founder Radu Motisan

To summarise, this event brought together future development directions with live feedback communing from local authorities and companies. As a direct result, we’ll see several uRADMonitor types of detectors being developed in the months to come, better contributing to the quality of the environment in cities, parks or public transportation. We keep to the initial goal of delivering something useful to the community, something that matters.