uRADMonitor entered The Venture, a global competition created by Chivas, that offers 1 million dollars to create something that has a major social impact. This is the third edition, and the rumour has it that this year the competitiveness has increased considerably. We were happy to receive the invitation to the semifinals, together with other 9 companies.

The semifinalists

10 semifinalists were invited in Bucharest to present their businesses and their social impact. The organisers did a top notch job managing to bring the people together in a very friendly environment where the presentations got closer to a session of exchanging great ideas. Add a glass of the finest scotch and you’re in the perfect mood to think about our united potential, and how to move the mountains using technology or various innovative ideas.

Radu Motisan presenting uRADMonitor

Radu Susanu was the first to present the Wespr, a small wearable that sends the owner’s GPS coordinates to the emergency services. It is designed as a way of shortening rescue time. Click the photo to see the presentation video:

Radu Susa on Chivas The Venture stage

Next on the stage was Camil Moldoveanu, presenting the Reflex product, a healthcare wearable addressed to patients requiring physiotherapy that can now finish their sessions at home:
Camil Moldoveanu

The third presentation addressed a high tech area, with a solution for 3D bio printing. Calin Brandabur presented Symme3D, a delta 3D printing platform that is now under design designed to handle stem cells:
Calin Brandabur presenting Symme3D

Next was Liviu Andrei Dascalu with Mira, a video gaming system used in patient recovery, so the therapy can be improved using IT:
Liviu Andrei Dascalu

The fifth presenter addressed water filtering for affected areas where water becomes as precious as gold, with an innovative design that can work for 10 years without any maintenance. Khaled Al Mezayen, presenting the SOWAT system:
SOWAT, presented by Khaled Al Mezayen

Miguel Borges, and his VTREE, an urban modern element shaped as a tree, with solar panels, Wifi and power outlets to recharge phones and connect people using its shadow:
Miguel Borges

Radu Motisan presented the uRADMonitor, the environmental monitoring network designed to sense the air we breath and impact people’s health an a cleaner environment. The short term effect is people’s awareness on pollution, while on the long term our mission influences decision makers and legislation, since we transform the invisible into measurable numbers. Video is in Romanian:
Radu Motisan presenting the uRADMonitor global network

The 8th presented was Andras Kapy, with Axosuits, an exoskeleton that aims to return mobility to those with locomotor disabilities:
Andras Kapy

The next minutes, we were delighted to see Ana Dragan presenting Track My Vibe, using a wearable to identify and monitor symptoms related to neurological conditions, like Parkinson:
Ana Dragan

For the last presentation, Lac Cristian presented his web app meant to encourage ecological agriculture:
Lac Cristian and Bio Farming web app

They Jury

Four prestigious experts formed the jury board: Cristian China Birta blogger, George Buhnici producer of iLikeIT and owner Cavaleria.ro, Marius Ghenea – business angel and entreprenouship expert and Tudor Furir, CEO of Pernod Ricard Romania.

The finalists

With great power comes great responsibility, so here’s the moment the jury had to carry on with the difficult task of selecting 5 out of the 10 projects.

Marius Ghenea evaluating the uRADMonitor A3 hardware

After the deliberation, the winners were announced. uRADMonitor was selected, together with Axosuits, MIRA, Reflex and SOWAT
uRADMonitor, Axosuits, Mira, Reflex and SOWAT are finalists in Chivas The Venture Romania

A successful event

Besides the sweet taste of victory, this event was about meeting new people, making friends, and sharing a common vision. It is a truly uplifting feeling to see so many people interested in improving the quality of life and using their knowledge and resources to create impact for the good of many. Above all, we were honoured to be part of this. There is a voting campaign where you can support one of the 5 projects with a vote, ending on January 6 2017. Thanks for your support!