The conference took place in Bucharest, on 26 March 2019 at Palace of the Parliament. High-level representatives from Ministries of Defence, defence research centres, industry and the European institutions discussed the present and future opportunities as well as challenges of the Capability Driven Defence Research.

Mr.Christian Munzinger, Airbus

The event showcased the new prioritisation instruments for defence research, technology and innovation, and highlighted the fusion that can be achieved on research priorities at National and European level and provide an update on the latest developments on the European Defence Fund. The conference provided to participants insights and lessons learned from some of the most successful R&T collaborative research projects which have been implemented under the framework of EDA.

Examples of successful collaborative research projects

As a continuation of the national security direction identified as a followup of the Patriotfest gala award, uRADMonitor participated to better understand the possibilities of cooperation on the coordinate of strategic monitoring of environmental parameters of defensive interest, by making use of the existing IoT BigData infrastructure successfully implemented.

uRADMonitor real time gamma radiation monitoring