We are finally here, at the end of the year, ready to leave behind one of the most troubled years we have lived. 2020 has been a challenge for all of us and despite all the difficulties, we can have at least, a little satisfaction that we reached the last mile and that we are well. And maybe, use this to strengthen our confidence in our abilities so we can be better prepared next time.

Looking back at 2020, it was a busy year. We reached 2040 uRADMonitor units deployed worldwide, covering 60 countries. This was possible also due to the rich portfolio that includes various sensors and multiple connectivity methods, which allowed uRADMonitor detectors to mold to different scenarios and cover more ground. Last but not least, to our partners from the private or administrative environment with whom we have continued the collaboration and to whom we thank.

With an extensive global coverage serving multi-sensor environmental to thousands of people, uRADMonitor is the biggest IOT environmental monitoring network

Here are some of the cool things we did:

uRADMonitor CITY, our 9th product with 1PPB gas sensors for O3, NO2, SO2 and CO plus Particulate Matter PM1, PM2.5, PM10

Radon is a leading cause for Pulmonary Cancer and we made a sensor for it soon to be released. We plan to create a real time Worldwide Radon Monitoring network part of uRADMonitor

Standalone Noise Sensor based on the versatile SMOGGIE hardware platform which incorporates a high accuracy noise sensor and uploads the data in real time via WIFI

uRADMonitor SPACE, a new uRADMonitor direction to study near-space environmental parameters

uRADMonitor SMOGGIE is still World’s smallest Particulate Matter sensor. We brought it to the 4th iteration incorporating many great ideas we received from the community

We released a compact Gas detector configurable with a huge list of substances, the Smoggie-GAS.

We managed to raise Environmental Awareness in Romania with hundreds of units installed at national level. Together with our partners, we implemented Air Quality Monitoring solutions in several cities.

IASI: The CITY of Iasi purchased a full air quality monitoring solution that we deployed in partnership with Orange, based on “model A3” devices with LoRaWAN connectivity. Real time data on www.uradmonitor.com/iasi

Brasov deployed a large air quality monitoring network that uses uRADMonitor devices, including the new uRADMonitor CITY. The network is complemented by community installed sensors. See them on www.uradmonitor.com/brasov

Targu Mures: Another uRADMonitor network was deployed in Targu Mures www.uradmonitor.com/tgmures

CRAIOVA: Pushed by the endless illegal waste incineration episodes, people of Craiova built their own Air Quality Monitoring network with support from uRADMonitor www.uradmonitor.com/craiova

SIBIU: Close to the beautiful mountains, Sibiu is the place where the sensors can show zero if people are careful with what they do. The Municipality of Sibiu and the team of Aerliber.ro built an air quality monitoring network in this beautiful Romanian City. Data is available on www.uradmonitor.com

Bucharest takes the lead with a Massive Air Quality Monitoring network comprising more than 200 uRADMonitor units. The large amount of data depics the sources of pollution around the city contributing to a better air quality. See them live on www.uradmonitor.com

It’s been a busy and complicated year and looking back we’re so happy we managed to impact the lives of so many people showing them the importance of a clean environment and to make them more responsible in their relationship with the environment. After the many challenges of 2020, let’s hope for a better 2021 where we’ll unleash our full innovative potential to make the world a little better. At least for us here at uRADMonitor, that is what we are planning to do.

Happy new year!

Radu Motisan

uRADMonitor Founder